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Monday, March 21, 2011

Motherships Arriving

The Crescendo Continues
Daniel 9:27 Unfolding

Greetings again in the name of our awesome wonderful King Yahushua Jesus our Messiah.  Glory be to God. - YHWH the Mighty El Elyon!  Wow awesome stuff unfolding for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  Praise GOD!

Since I have covered in extreme detail the "alien-demon-fallen-angel" creator god (star god) threat in so many other articles, my intention is only to present some unfolding information that has been called to many of our attention as of late.

Interesting Circumstances Surrounding

As many of the regular readers of Tribulation-Now know, I don't write articles for the sake of writing articles.  Amen?  The ONLY time I will write an article these days, is if something "pushed" me into writing it.  There are almost always a supernatural set of coincidences driving the next writing.  Sometimes the "coincidences" are utterly shocking.  Other times they are more subtle.  Often I will wait for several hours, even an entire day, to see if the Lord causes another "coincidence" to happen or another weird "phone call" to come in. 

Well Amen ... that's what has happened again.

Last night I receive a phone call about an earthquake "like" event in Florida.  I didn't know anything about it.  Several hours later I received an email from Espen over in Europe.  The subject line was "This on your radar?".  Espen doesn't write me often, but when he does I pay attention.  Amongst probably a hundred emails, I zeroed in on his and opened it up.  All it had was a single link to a You Tube video.  I started to play the video and turned up the sound.  Within less than 5-10 seconds, I immediately responded to Espen and said "That is a Mothership".  I didn't need to think about it.  It was an instantaneous revelation that was unshakable. 

I knew it was.  Period.

I sent a Google Talk message to Zen Garcia and checked with another "watchmen" named Chris who is extremely "on top of things".  I was looking for confirmations and hope of additional data.  Quite frankly, since this event happened only an hour or so from my home, it resulted in a bit of anxiety.  Mainly because I KNEW it was a "mothership". 

I reflected on the fact that just the evening prior, I had been on Zen Garcia's radio show explaining that Daniel 9:27, when interpreted with alternative Strong's meanings sounds to me like a UFO invasion.  Here is a snapshot of that alternative understanding from yesterday's article and Saturday night's radio show:
Dan. 9:27: Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week. But in the middle of the week, He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering. And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate, even until the consummation, which is determined, Is poured out on the desolate."

1. Wing – “Of a Bird or Army, or a flying army”

2. Abomination – “Detestable things, Especially Disgusting”

3. Desolate – “To Astonish, Devastate, and Stupify”

When looking at the alternative meanings of the key words used in Daniel 9:27, it seems to me the start of the Great Tribulation is a UFO war of some kind. You be the judge. Perhaps this sentence should have read as follows:

And on the "wing of a flying army", especially "detestable disgusting things" shall "astonish, devastate and stupefy".

Moreover I realized I had just written an article entitled "Wormholes and Intergalactic Troop Buildup".  Most of this material was covered in a previous radio show with Zen.  Hmmm.

Then this morning Jonathan Kleck called.  Jonathan had listened to the radio show from Saturday night and asked the Lord for a "word" on the information from the show.  The word the Lord gave Jonathan was "teacher, rabbi".  Jonathan also asked God to confirm the "sound" heard on the Florida YouTube video, and the word he was given was "UFO".  Just 5 minutes ago, Jonathan was talking to me on the phone and asked God for a visual confirmation again, and his head looked immediately to his right, and his eyes fixated on a DVD case on his bookshelf.  His eyes were locked on the cover of the movie "Independence Day".

Jonathan started laughing in victory and said "I love you God.  I LOVE how you show me things".

I admit I still have occasional issues with getting "freaked out" a little.  But Jonathan keeps reassuring me that we are about to get "rescued off this rock" .. Amen to that!!

The Flagler County Mothership Encounter

Here below is the YouTube video of the Florida Mothership Encounter.  I'm sorry if you cannot watch YouTube videos.  If it was my budget I would fast for a couple days a week, and divert the food funds into a DSL connection.  This stuff is astonishing.  Praise Jesus.

You will not appreciate the obviousness of this "event" unless you have a GOOD speaker system hooked up to your computer.  You MUST have a powerful quality "subwoofer" on the system.  If you don't, you will not necessarily "feel" the obviousness of this event.  There is a clear rhythmic pattern associated with the subsonics caused by "air displacement" of this enormous object.  The object cannot be seen.  Yes "they" use "cloaking technologies".  Also even though this event supposedly happened during the day in "sunny Florida", the sky is dark and extremely cloudy.

This film was clearly made by a family almost certainly directly under or very close to this "object".  They are horrified and confused.  The woman yells for her children to hide in the bathroom.  Her husband starts to go out into the yard, and she tells him not to go.  She says in a horrified voice, "Jesus God help me" (or similar).

She then calls 911 to find out if there is some type of tornado in the area.  It seems she is told that others are experiencing this same "vibration".  A flash of light appears in the clouds and shortly thereafter the unseen object's sound diminishes into the distance.

The following comment was submitted under the video on "dutchsinse" YouTube channel.  This comment was rated by readers as the most popular response.  I agree, they are correct.

The noise moves with a speed of 150 km/h. We measured this with a network of people in the Netherlands. These are no planes, choppers or some conventional craft. The sounds covers an area of multiple kilometers in the sky. If it is an object of some sort (a UFO), it is really really big. Personally I think it must be some kind of unknown of alien ship that's not visible to the eye. The roaring noise is infrasound by large air displacement of this huge object.

The smartest people in the world on UFO phenomenon are NOT in the United States.  We have been lied to and fooled by our media like no other country on earth.  Whoever these folks are, they are extremely smart.  Praise Jesus someone has a clue. 

Here is a link directly to this YouTube video published on "DaisyJays" channel.

What is This Loud NOISE?

Confirmation on Channel 9 Television

A rather alarming live news report of the event can be listened to and read about here:
Geologists: Shaking Wasn't Florida Earthquake

Here you can actually hear a person calling 911 and the dispatcher saying "We are actually getting quite a few calls about it now". 

Here is a brief excerpt from the article:

However, people in the north Daytona area, as well as in Deltona and as far north as St. Augustine, said they felt it as well. Many people were worried that the shaking was an earthquake.

The Emergency Management Office was on the phone all day trying to figure out the cause of the shaking. Residents said that buildings were shaking, and even a dispatcher in the county felt it happen.

"I live alone and I'm blind, and a while ago the house was shaking, do you happen to know?" a caller asked a 911 dispatcher.

"I'm not sure. We're actually getting quite a few calls about it now. We're having someone check it out, OK?" the dispatcher said.

The Ohio River Event

While I have not yet received confirmation on the exact date this event occured, this YouTube video was posted by a Christian lady in the UK.  Her YouTube channel is "Flight0Tyranny" and you can find her work here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Fight0Tyranny

Here again there is a very deep rhythmic rumble of what certainly appears to be a very large mothership.  This is the comment posted under the video.

This is about 25 minutes after the noises started.... these rumbling pulses are so intense, you can feel them in the ground, but the sound seems to come from the sky above the Ohio river..
Here is a link to the YouTube video of this event.


Weather Radar Detects UFO Bigger than Belgium

Here is a snippet of some of the text from this article:

Unusual formations have been appearing on government weather satellite imagery all over the world. Satellite Weather images over Europe have detected an enormous unidentified object that is larger than Belgium!

The key witness has recorded their observation in order to understand exactly what was seen. The video was uploaded onto YouTube with the following statement:

“Can somebody tell my what the heck is going on ?”

In recent years a number of similar formations have occurred around the world. The first time UFO Briefcase came across this type of phenomenon was the repeated incidents across Australia.

The most famous Australian incident resembles are large doughnut-like formation that was was positioned over the lower South-west Corner of Western Australia.
And here is a link to the article directly.

You will also be shown other "radar based" anomalies that almost certainly show extremely large motherships hovering over various locations.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

And last but certainly not least is this YouTube video from Henning Kemner which he entitled "HAARP - The Day The Storm Stood Still - California". 

A link to this video can be found here:

While this video is not at all conclusive in any sense of the word, it is reasonable to point out that it is possible, if not highly likely, many of these weather radar anomalies, particularly those which seem to show LARGE circular patterns and areas of the sky which seemed to be mysteriously blocked by "something" might not be HAARP, but instead more of these "motherships".

Violent Upheavals Coming to Believers

And then "coincidentally" I receive this most unsettling but glorious prophecy entitled "Violent Upheavals Coming to Believers".  Wow.   It comes from a woman named Glynda Lomax from Princeton, Texas.  Now what makes this pertinent to this troubling subject matter is that this is no "regular prophecy". 

I will reprint the prophecy for you here:

Not long ago, I was praying about the intense feeling I have experienced since New Year's 2011 that a devastating earthquake is going to happen soon in America. Instead of talking to me about the coming earthquake I was feeling, the Lord showed me a vision of earthquakes in the lives of believers. I didn't understand the meaning of the vision and prayed that He would reveal what it meant.

Last night as I was praying again, He showed me more. Last night, I saw violent upheavals that will soon be coming into the lives of believers. The shaking will be both sudden and unexpected.

He is trying to get you somewhere and what doesn't make it through the shaking are things and people that needed to be removed for His plan for your life to move forward. I saw a violent shaking that caused everything to fly into chaos, and when the pieces landed, not all of them were there, but the ones that were were in perfect position and the Lord smiled upon this.

This shaking will be coming to the strongest believers, not the baby Christians. The Lord said He is going to be shaking some of you soon and that He has a purpose in it and that He wants you to remain calm when it happens, and trust Him.

The Lord is saying "Lean on Me and learn to have My Peace in your spirit in the midst of chaos for soon you will need this."

"Do not fear."

Here is a link to this web page:

Summary in Jesus Name

After I initially listened to the video of the Flagler County Florida Mothership "event", I admit I was quite "unnerved".   While I've known for a very long time that "they are walking among us", it's quite a different event when you know beyond any doubt, right down the road something really bad and intergalactic had happened.  When you "hear the people" fearing for their children, and crying out to God, it has a way of "shaking you".  Jesus help us all to keep a cool head as things begin to unfold.

Somehow we MUST stand strong and remain a peaceful witness to the Kingdom of Heaven.  We will likely be the ONLY ones that have any idea what is happening.  We must somehow shake off the fear and be LEADERS to the lost.  Amen ... that's not going to be easy if we are standing amongst people screaming in fear for their lives as these "things" beging to make their "Great Tribulation" and "strong delusion" appearance.






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